Like some futuristic beachcomber…

… I stumbled across an interesting little video whilst wandering the ‘net today, and thought – what’s the point of having a blog if I don’t write random things in it about stuff like this?

The “this” in question is a video released to promote a recent BBC Timewatch documentary. 3 graphic designers on a tiny BBC budget managed to recreate the Omaha beach landing almost as well as Spielberg, with approximately 996 less actors:


“Bloody Omaha” – behind the scenes

I saw the documentary when it aired at the beginning of the month and wondered how they managed to produce the incredibly detailed re-enactments on the BBC’s notoriously strict budgets. The answer seems to be “with lots of running back and forth”.

Anywho, I’m planning to put up a few more random sketches this evening, so watch that that sketchbook thing over there for more pictures… 🙂

*EDIT* Pictures up now. Seems we can’t comment on individual images (is that for the “bugs” or “features” list, Mr. Mike? :P) so I’ll do my spiel here…

The “face” picture started off as some random wavy lines in my new sketchbook and soon mutated into an entire head-and-shoulders picture. It’s not based on anyone in particular (no photo-ref or anything) but apparently it looks like someone I used to work with. Spooky

The robot picture is actually titled “Human After All”, after the Daft Punk track that inspired it. I wanted to try out my decidedly rusty cross-hatching techniques and see if I could convey texture and light in the medium of fineliner… I took an extremely loose pencil sketch (just there to block out the space, really) and over the course of a few days’ commutes and lunch breaks I worked it up into the finished piece. Probably about 3-4 hours’ work in total.

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  1. jonathan January 23rd, 2008
    8:48 pm


    Nice work mate. Still think we should do “So Now They Are Free” 😀

    I also have more sketches that I intend to scan and post as soon as I get off these bloody late shifts. They’re 7 years old, so technically antiques. Maybe Mike could pay me some sort of fee for renting them out of the “Jonathan retro-art gallery/museum”. 50 quid ought to do it – cheers mate!

    I watched that documentary too… Presented by Richard Hammond. I think Jeremy Clarkson could have done a better job. Landrover storming the cliffs, anyone?

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