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I’ve added a whole shedload of images to the gallery, and updated the Catalyst Studios Gallery page to show a selection of the stuff we’ve done over the past 10 years. Updating the site was interesting as it let me see how far we’ve come during the last decade; even the oldest items bear a resemblance to what we do today (albeit with a lot less polish and some… ‘interesting’ anatomy issues) but I looked at some of the stuff and thought – did I really do that?

Anyway, take a look. The gallery will be updated with new artwork on a (hopefully) regular basis… and I’ll make sure we get a few more coloured pieces in there.

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  1. jonathan January 27th, 2008
    6:30 pm


    You’ve stolen my thunder, you weather phenomenon thief! I have also added images from my last ten years of artwork to the gallery. I’m cursing my lethargy with the scanner and photoshop. Also, why are there no pictures of Maru in the Faster Than Light section? I can’t post “I like his hair” anywhere, dammit!!!

  2. david January 29th, 2008
    8:39 pm


    I’ve uploaded a selection of my less-embarassing sketches & odds’n’ends from the last 10 years. There are some more recent bits I’m holding on to for now…

    Sorry J, no pics of Maru yet :^P

  3. Jack February 1st, 2008
    3:57 pm


    So many images so little time

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