A Huge Break From Drawing

Shock, Horror! After a whopping 7 years, I finally felt like drawing again at the end of last month. I’ve even posted what one of the things I drew in our gallery below:

Now, I thought that by now I’d be rubbish – but the piece I produced was a really good effort. Much like this website that Mike’s created for us 😀 . Thanks buddy, and hats off!

The only downside is that I have to think of something to write in this blog every week now. But luckily for me my life is so interesting. No paint drying round here… *ahem*

Anyway, what follows is a link to something that I wrote in the middle of last year. It’s the first draft of a “plan of all issues” that I like to do before writing something. The title of the piece is “Humanity: I think, therefore I am” and it’s a Japanese-style cyborg/android type thing. The PDF that follows is the “plan” (sort of first draft) of issue one (so don’t be too harsh 😉 ). Mike will be drawing this when I eventually get round to finishing it. I’m sure he’ll post some character sketches in the gallery soon (no elbow in your ribs at all mate – honest).

Humanity – plan

Also, I’ll be posting a couple of videos on our youTube account as soon as mike gives me the details. I’ll post links to those as soon as it’s done.

That’s all for now.

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  1. mike January 23rd, 2008
    9:19 am


    Like the drawing mate – surprised you remembered which way ’round the pencil goes! 😛

    Yes, I shall be posting some Humanity artwork – I’m going to try and sort the Gallery section out this weekend, I just need to dig through about 15 CDs with old artwork on them to get some suitable pieces!

  2. jonathan January 23rd, 2008
    9:23 am


    I didn’t remember which way ’round the pencil went. I spent hours thinking I’d drawn a masterpiece in invisible ink. Then realised I’d really drawn something rubbish on my T-Shirt… Hmph. 😀

  3. jonathan January 23rd, 2008
    9:27 am


    By the way. Where-o-where is David? At an evil twin convention?

  4. david January 23rd, 2008
    12:21 pm


    Still lurking :p

    Good work on the drawing fella – do more. Now.
    I’ve got some sketches I ought to scan and post over the next few days… if I can tear myself away from Mass Effect.

  5. haleigh May 22nd, 2010
    12:56 am


    i love all theese pictures lol 🙂 hahaha honestly i loved them

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