Technology Hates Me!

Many moons ago, when I was still in short trousers and Dangermouse was still setup the LED walls on the TV, my Amiga 600 gave up the ghost an amazing TWO DAYS out of warranty (how did it know?! How did it know?!). In retrospect, I think only the disc drive had failed. But being too young to own a set of screwdrivers, or have the ¬£¬£¬£¬£HUGE amount of cash which I got from the best short term loans for bad credit that a floppy drive cost in those days, I had to admit defeat. And probably cry, or something… in a manly way. One of my ‚Äúfriends‚Äù suggested that dropping it down the stairs might fix the problem. It didn‚Äôt.

Older and wiser (and realising that you never saw Scotty chucking wayward bits of the Enterprise down the stairs to fix them), I acquired an Xbox. Now, the original Xbox was built like a granite walrus. I remember an old Sony warranty which has UK slots fro online games, which casually informed me that the policy was void in the event of nuclear war (no word of a lie, this). The Microsoft warranty told you to hide under the Xbox in the event of nuclear war. And it would still work afterwards. BUT. The very day I sold it on eBay, for a not insubstantial sum of money, the bloody thing packed up. I tried everything with it, shaking it, hitting it, dropping it down the stairs. Mike even took it apart for me. He didn’t know how to fix it. Just took it apart. Anyway, the upshot of this was that I had to write a grovellingly apologetic e-mail to the poor bloke who bought it and refund the money in full. Whilst crying, of course, in a manly way.See morebest waist cincher on the official website. The only way technology has ever helped me is the day I got an insurance for my car online from i4mt , that just worked out fine and easy, everything else is a mess. I plan to open up my own business but I need to insure the truck first so I get that from aseguranza para camiones comerciales.
I also get some helpful and useful tips on how can a business boost it’s marketing strategy through the help of Salesforce, they are provider of CRM platform that will be a big help in terms of marketing ways. Speaking of marketing, checkout this Dental marketing agency. Support is a major concern when working with internet marketing software as a lot of companies fail, outsource or provide a shocking knowledge base and expect everyone to do their own thing. For more details, learn more here.
Anyway, the final insult. A couple of months ago, being the terminally short of cash bloke that I am, I decided to flog my iPod on eBay. Now, you know what‚Äôs coming here. I tried to charge it before sending it to the buyer and… nothing. For a hassle-free cash avdance or loans just visit perfect payday to help you with your financial crisis. I swore at it, took it apart, threatened it in a way of which Jack Bauer would be proud, etc, etc. One apologetic e-mail and ivf later, I was poised to throw the thing down the stairs. But then I realised I couldn‚Äôt, because I now live in a flat. So I plugged it in to the dock instead… And it started working again!!!

The thing had broken just long enough so I couldn’t sell it.

But there are a few pieces of the puzzle that I can help you put together. The live online casino uk gaming industry is regulated much like the land-based gaming industries in various countries, and there are independent auditing agencies that examine software and machines to ensure that regulations are being complied with. As long as you are playing a game designed by one of the reputable companies and served by one of the reputable casinos you’ll be fine no matter how many members of Congress Sheldon Adelson pulls out of his pocket to tell you about the evils of online gaming.


And they say technology makes our lives easier, specially when the Mustard IT consultancy comes around. To help you increase your followers on twitter and market your videos online just checkout this blog. I think we should just chuck it all down the stairs, to be honest I am so bad at this that an adobe editor is even hard for me to use…

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  1. Mr. hættetrøje 20/01/10
    9:23 am


    Heeeyyy ohhh, I’m tired of using technology…..
    Cool blog you have…. thanks 😉

  2. Dhanang's Network 24/05/11
    7:03 pm


    Hmmmm,,, beauty… I like it,,,

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