On this page you’ll find a selection of sketches and finished pieces taken from our multitude of projects over the years. Enjoy!

Humanity: I Think, Therefore I Am

Catalyst’s second-longest running project, started in 1999, examines mankind’s relationship with technology – just what is it to be human? I Think Therefore I Am is the second chapter of three, but is scheduled to be the first published, with Mike handling the art duties over Jonathan’s tightest, most insightful writing to date.

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David’s magnum opus, an epic story of humankind’s struggle against oppression on far-flung planetary colonies. David’s been working on this one (in various forms) since 1991!

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Faster Than Light

Originally begun in 1998 by David and Jonathan, this was at first intended to be a fairly serious sci-fi action comic. It was later re-imagined as a very tongue-in-cheek sideswipe at many sci-fi conventions (think Adam Warren’s The Dirty Pair mixed with Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson’s Transmetropolitan), with Mike taking up the artist’s reins.

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So Now They Are Free

David and Jonathan share a fascination for Second World War history, and so this collaboration was born out of that interest. Andy McBride is an officer in the US Army’s OSS division, charged with infiltrating the German ranks and assassinating some of the Third Reich’s key players. But hings go awry and although McBride survives, he’s no longer the man he used to be…

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Jonathan and David took a great deal of influence from Metal Gear Solid when creating this tale of tactical espionage action. Matt Marland is a top covert operative, sent into a secret Russian facility to discover the secret behind a new type of bioweapon. But Marland is carrying both mental and physical scars from an operation that went badly wrong, and this job may push him over the edge…

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Seven Seals

Mike’s first attempt at both scripting and drawing a series of comics, this project dates back to 1998 and is a vaguely Biblical tale of good vs. evil.

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Random images taken from a multitude of projects (as well as a few doodles here and there).

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