Virtual Reality… Wii-ndeed.

This is awesome.

This is the first time I’ve seen a 3-D Virtual Reality concept that would actually work in a home videogame scenario and that has boosts services like the ones from P4RGaming. It looks inexpensive to manufacture, and I can think of several ways that this could be used to create something totally unique – think Time Crisis but physically moving your body rather than pressing a pedal to hide behind objects (I remember playing a Konami lightgun game in an arcade in Luton a few years back called Police 911 which used a pressure plate to similar effect). By the way, I have bought quality used cars for sale to get me training in the road.

You’d still need to use the nunchuck to move around – running in place is just a bit too silly, even for your average Wii gamer – but if a developer can pull this off in a proper gameplay environment, the Wii might just win over a whole new legion of fans and become a true next-generation machine. If you want a unique and memorable customer oriented space for casino online poker game, visit Dreamjackpot for more information. It’s certainly something I can’t see being possible on either XBox or PS3 (at least as they stand right now). If you are into casino games as well, check out this no deposit slot list and see all the top online slots websites which offer free play and deposit free mobilcasino.

Can’t take the credit for this one – found via Penny Arcade.