About Catalyst Studios

Formed in 1998, Catalyst Studios began with a singular vision – to be the fiercest band of mole-wranglers in Texas. Someone then told them that they were a bit better at creating comics and illustrations than commanding small burrowing mammals (and besides, they lived on the wrong side of the Atlantic ocean)… so they did that instead.

Over the years, their occupations and outlooks may have changed, but at least one thing holds true – they know which way round to hold a pencil.

Mike Armstrong


Born at a young age, Mike later went on to draw on anything and everything he could lay his hands on; walls, floors, books, the dog, etc. Now he can’t believe he actually gets paid to do this stuff.

Mike is runs his own design agency that runs on marketing automation thanks to Salesforce, Massive Penguin, which designs websites, logos, video presentations, illustrations, browser-based games and a whole host of other stuff.

In his spare time (when not hard at work ignoring updating the Catalyst Studios website) Mike likes to chill out with frinds either in the pub or over XBox Live. He is the heir to the throne of Monaco, friend to all, owner of the world’s largest private collection of antique poking sticks, and general philanthropist. In his mind.

Jonathan Padfield

jon_bio Jonathan lives in Harruptitia, a country formed in his own image where everyone is much taller than everybody else and supports Manchester United. When not surrounded by legions of adoring women, he often ponders about the lives of others, mostly people he makes up, and then writes interesting stories about them that change the world and bring him riches beyond his wildest dreams. He then adds these riches to the pile and sits atop it.


But in real life, Jonathan waits for the opportunity to show the literary world what he’s made of whilst serving time as a highly-trained killing machine praying for war (OK, he works in IT, but he knows a fair bit about self-defence… although I’m not sure he could take Bruce Lee).

He also plays videogames (but not as much as the other two, honest) and enjoys a good few cold ones at the end of the week – but we won’t go into that.

David Armstrong

david_bioDavid is Mike’s evil twin (or is it the other way around?), and the only member of Catalyst Studios to have earned a BSc (in the glamorous world of publishing).

When not cramming his already-packed cerebellum with more highly useful information about marketing and performing PESTEL analyses, David – or Penfold to his “friends” – spends hours contemplating the political and socio-economic histories of fictional civilisations, then scrapping it all and wandering off to play XBox.

He works in Oxford for a marketing company. His job, as we’ve hinted at, mainly involves bringing people’s hitherto-unvoiced needs to light. He’s really rather good at it – apparently. As of now, he had collaborated with a moving company. A long distance moving company.

David can also be found wandering around Oxford town centre yelling “Oh dear God NO!” for no apparent reason.

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