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Opportunities in online education are rapidly increasing. Preparing for a career through distance education is becoming easier as well as more time and cost effective. A seemingly overwhelming number of possible degree and career paths available, along with economic uncertainties, can make choosing what to study difficult. An indispensable question when choosing what to study is: “What online degree or certificate is most likely to help me get a job after I’m finished?” The following list provides some guidance for those trying to figure out what to study online and what career path to follow, if getting an online business degree is your best option. Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and college websites, this article provides a list of career fields predicted to grow at a faster-than-average rate over the next decade for which education can be pursued through online degree and certificate programs. With growth comes greater demand and more jobs. This means better chances of landing a job or having an online business of your own with the help of this site
As the population both grows and ages demand for healthcare will increase. Cost and quality of life have combined to influence individuals needing care as well as their families and health care providers to move more and more to in home healthcare. Home healthcare aides are the main providers for the day to day health needs of individuals needing in home care at their homes which is built from Palmbeach roofing where you can see this – Palm Beach Roofing Expert.

Jobs in home healthcare assistance are expected to increase 38% percent by 2024. This translates into 348,400 additional home health care aide jobs in the next ten years, making it one of the fastest growing occupations with a high likelihood of getting a job upon the completion of one’s education. Average salary of home health care aides is not as high as many other careers ($21,920), however.

Average median income 2015-$21,920
Expected growth over next ten years-38%
Number of new jobs over next ten years-348,400
Home healthcare aides perform a wide variety of tasks related to caring for the needs of people with disabilities, physical and mental illness and/or impairment as well as the elderly. On other advertisements, checkout online digital marketing agency san diego.

Basic Responsibilities of Home Healthcare Aides:

Maintain patient records and monitor changes in patient health;
Assist patients in daily needs such as meals, medicines, hygiene, transportation;
See to physician directed exercise;
Basic household needs and errands;
Companionship and entertainment.
For more information on this career see link.

Most often only a high school diploma is required. However, certification, especially in state certified homes, is often needed according from Jill Roberts @Wellness Geeky. There are several online avenues of gaining a certificate or diploma in home health care aid.
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Organizing the

If you’re anything like me, then your buddies are constantly hassling you to take them on an adventure. But if you’re anything like me, then your buddies also have busy schedules, little camping gear, and a predilection for bad-decision-making. Here’s how to pretend you’re an outfitter and take your friends on a trip they’ll never forget.

Set a Date and Advertise It
The key to busy schedules is forward planning. Poll a few of your key friends, find a weekend one or two months out that might work, and set it in stone. Use whatever tool you and your friends prefer to create a central online planning hub. Some of my friends use Facebook Events; some prefer Google Docs. Whatever you go with, make sure updates are pinging reminders to people, and populate the event regularly with information, trash talk, or photos from previous years. The trick is to keep the trip fresh in people’s minds so they don’t forget it’s coming up and schedule over it.
One thing I definitely prefer Google Docs for is organizing gear shares. It’s easy for Ty to forget that he promised his spare sleeping bag to John, and then loan it to another John instead. If all that info is organized in one central location, it’s easy to see everyone’s needs and plan how you’ll collectively fill them. And, after the fact, to remember who stole your Yeti.

Camping gear and tools for specific sports get real expensive real fast, you may want to check the camper accessories. But even within a small group, you’ll typically be able to cover everyone’s needs collectively. One person might have an extra tent. Another friend may have extra room in his two-person tent. Applying businesslike organization to the process helps ensure that everything is sorted ahead of time so the drive up doesn’t become a frantic search for the last gear store along the way.

Realistically Assess Ability
It’s no fun for anyone if you plan a really challenging backpacking trip, only to have one guy show up who’s unable to make it up a mountain. In a group, you’ll always have a variety of skill and fitness levels, but be realistic about who can achieve what, and plan accordingly.

Often, it will be up to you to make these assessments in private. No one wants to be called out or kicked off, or, worse, ruin the trip for anyone. Try to reasonably determine everyone’s capabilities, and plan something that everyone attending should be able to achieve.

Determine an Activity
If you’re all a bunch of mountain bike bros planning to bro out on mountain bikes, then great. But if you’re just trying to do something exciting with a bunch of dudes with diverse backgrounds, then you’ll need to find an activity that most people can expect to be able to perform competently while still creating challenge and interest. Backpacking is a great option. Kayaking and canoeing—in reasonable conditions—also work really well. You can up the adventure quotient appropriately by selecting longer distances, more remote areas, and more exciting conditions.

Christmas before last, my friends Ty and Matt wanted to take our dogs on a backpacking trip. We settled on California’s Lost Coast because Matt and I had never been there before, but Ty knew it well. He figured the winter weather combined with a route that added tons of elevation and river crossings would make it more challenging than the simple summer beach hike most people experience. It went a little sideways but was still one of the best trips the three of us have ever been on.

Sometimes you need an exciting goal to convince people to come and focus the group’s energy. Need a real challenge? Climb a mountain. If your group has the experience to pull it off safely, you can get into ropes, crampons, and whatnot. Otherwise, you can choose a peak and route that still challenges with scrambling and sheer elevation.

One of the best bro trips I’ve ever been on was a sea kayaking and spearfishing adventure on Catalina Island. We were all trying spearfishing for the first time, so we got to share that challenge, while a couple of us were experienced enough with the ocean and kayaking to make it safe for everyone involved. All the necessary speciality equipment was easily rentable, with the group sharing the total cost. I think the end cost, with food and everything, ended up being less than $200 a head.

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World-Building, part one

Oblivion is a project I’ve been working on for quite some time now. It’s taken various forms over the years, starting off as a character animation test in Deluxe Paint 3 on the ancient Amiga A500, and I’m currently redeveloping it as a webcomic for Catalyst Studios.

At its heart, Oblivion: Spoils of War is a dystopian tale of conflict across the galactic diaspora. The back-story and plot lines are all worked out, and now I’m setting out the final aspects of visual design.¬†
Over my next few posts I’ll be working through the visualisation process, beginning with how I’m working on bringing the mining colony of Tella-4 to life for the first chapter.

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You know when you’ve arrived…

I feel quite guilty, you know.

You see, the Catalyst site’s been featured on quite a few design showcases recently (Most Inspired, Best Web Gallery, Smashing Magazine, etc.) and while it’s brought a huge increase in traffic, we haven’t been adding the content that all these new visitors deserve. I’m in the process of writing a tutorial, which I hope to have finished by the end of the week, and I’ve beaten David and Jonathan into agreeing to submit at least one article a month (I’ve said it now guys, don’t make me a liar), so things will get better.

look at this site… that’s not the real reason I’m writing this. Hit the jump to find out more!

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Character design…

After being asked many times exactly website builder came up with our characters, I took advantage of a presentation skills course at work to put together a potted introduction to the topic, and a team from helped us with marketing, and I also got lucky I was able to have the awol academy giving me the best advice. So, I present to you in full color stretch-o-vision with the character’s Party Dresses:

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